2020 Results for Amplitude Modulation QSO Party

Ron Skipper W8ACR

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The 2020 AWA AM QSO Party was held on February 15th and 16th. This is an annual operating event to promote the use of the amplitude modulation mode on the 160, 80, 40, and 20 meter bands. This year, 32 stations submitted logs, including one DX log from Europe. There were two flagship stations using the callsign W2AN. One of these flagship stations was operating from the AWA headquarters in New York, using the James Millen memorial station. The other flagship station was Ron – W8ACR operating from Knox, North Dakota.

This year’s runaway winner was WA8UEG with a score of 313. The top five finishers were rounded out by W1ZB (72), W1AW (70), W3GMS (69), and N2BE (64). W1AW was piloted ably by WB1GCM. 75 meters seemed to be the most popular band overall, followed by 20 meters, 40 meters and 160 meters. Conditions were pretty good for 20 meter daylight operation, but of course, 20 meters was not usable after dark. 160 meters suffered from atmospheric noise, and 40 meters had the ever-present broadcast station QRM issue. So overall, I would say that conditions were adequate, but not excellent.

The equipment used covered the spectrum of just about all types of gear capable of AM communication. Vintage commercially manufactured transmitters and receivers were common, as were modern transceivers. Homebrew transmitters, including modern solid-state Class E transmitters were also heard. SDR equipment also gave a good showing. W1AW was running a Gates BC1T broadcast unit on 75 meters which drew a lot of interest.

Other notes of interest: N2BE was using a Harvey-Wells TBS-50 on 20 meters running 18 watts. At that power level, he was able to connect with KA7WOC near Seattle, and also W2AN in North Dakota. N2BE’s “newest” equipment was manufactured in 1956. His station consisted of the Harvey Wells, an HQ-120, a Globe Champ 150, a DX-100, a Collins R-388, and a BC-779. M0XLT checked in from the UK running an Icom 706 at 20 Watts. He was able to make one QSO each on 80, 40, and 20 meters.

Thank you to all the stations who made this another successful AWA operating event. See you next February!