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(used to be The Old Timer’s Bulletin or OTB)

The AWA Journal is AWA’s quarterly publication mailed to dues paying members.  Its content is a mixture of columns, radio related news and feature articles on many different facets of communications history, personalities and technology. The Autumn issue features a discussion of upcoming AWA on-air events along with a review of past events; the Winter issue contains a retrospective of the AWA Annual Conference, with the Summer issue containing full details for that event.

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From the Editor Winter 2020 Issue

Below you will find the key information regarding the latest issue of The AWA Journal. If you wish to contact the Editor, a contact from is located at the bottom of this page.

From the Editor

As the season changes from Autumn to Winter, our world remains different from what we could have imagined a year ago, but always the optimist, I anticipate better days in 2021. As detailed in the Director’s report, AWA remains in a strong position, and has been able to adapt and continue many of its activities. The Museum has remained open on an appointment-only basis, and our volunteers have assembled many new displays. Thanks to the efforts of Joe Fell and his team of coordinators, AWA is enjoying another season of “On-Air” events. Membership services and publications continue on schedule, and be sure to visit our greatly improved and updated website. In late October, Deputy Director Mark Erdle set up The Antique Wireless Association Member’s Forum, an on-line site where AWA members can communicate with each other about their radio-related interests. Full details appear in this issue. Many AWA announcements and updates are available by e-mail. If you use e-mail and are not receiving these, please send an e-mail message to AWA Membership at so that we can include you.

Many members, and others, enjoyed the on-line AWA Conference and the “People’s Choice” equipment contest. This issue features a retrospective of Conference high- lights and comments. Be sure to mark your calendars with the new 2021 Conference date, October 5-9, 2021. This will be a perfect opportunity to attend your favorite Conference while enjoying Western New York’s beautiful Autumn scenery.

AWA Amateur Radio “On-Air” events remain on schedule, and one of the 2021 Conference themes will be a continuation of this year’s “Evolution of Amateur Radio.” Winter is a perfect time to get out your old rig (or to build a vintage-style homebrew), and then join one or more of the events. Be sure to send photos of your shack and equipment to the event man- agers; we enjoyed sharing the pictures from the past year. It’s time to mark your calendars and plan ahead! Thanks to Joe Fell, W3GMS for his leadership.

It’s not too early to submit nominees for 2021 AWA Awards. Any AWA member may nominate an individual or organization for recognition. Please submit your nomination to the Awards Coordinator (see page 2 of this issue) by July 1. Complete AWA Awards Rules are available at the AWA website.

AWA has experienced significant problems with the handling and distribution of mailed copies of the Autumn issue of the AWA Journal. Members have reported receiving torn or shredded copies, or have received a damaged cover sheet with no Journal attached. If you received a damaged copy, or have not received your copy, please email me at with a description of the problem, and we will send you a replacement. At this point, we don’t know what happened, and are investigating this problem.

Thanks for being part of AWA!

—David D. Kaiser, Editor

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