Curators’ Choice

RCA Prototype Receiver

The AWA Museum’s collection is the responsibility of the Curator and their staff. As such the Curator gets involved with all facets of the collection from acquisition and registration to filling, restoration and potential display. In this role, the Curator sees all of the artifacts and will be highlighting items of special interest. The criteria will the that of the Curator, however, artifact uniqueness is a primary criteria. Uniqueness in this case may be due to historical significant, rarity, physical quality and source of donation. Below is such a device that illustrates this criteria.

RCA developmental prototype radio restored by Robert Lozier.

In March of 2018, Lynn Bisha traveled to Charlotte NC for the CCAWA conference and returned with the restored, one of a kind, RCA developmental radio. This project was undertaken by Robert Lozier, and is an absolute masterpiece. Robert spent about four months on this and we are proud to currently display it in one of the closed spaces on the west wall of the Museum. This radio was basically a pile of rusty parts with some firewood thrown in, and Robert did an astounding job of restoring it.