Curator’s Choice

Unique Donation

The AWA Museum’s collection is the responsibility of the Curator and their staff. As such the Curator gets involved with all facets of the collection from acquisition and registration to filling, restoration and potential display. In this role, the Curator sees all of the artifacts and will be highlighting items of special interest. The criteria will the that of the Curator, however, artifact uniqueness is a primary criteria. Uniqueness in this case may be due to historical significant, rarity, physical quality and source of donation. Below is such a device that illustrates this criteria.

Model 4066 Atwater Kent Breadboard

The AWA was fortunate to receive a major donation, generously given by the family of Ralph and Elinor Williams.

Ralph and Elinor, over a 40-year period, painstakingly built the world’s most comprehensive collection of Atwater Kent equipment and memorabilia. They opened the “Voice of the Twenties” Museum in Orient Point, NY in 1985, was open by appointment to radio historians and collectors for many years.

Through the family’s wonderful gift, the AWA museum has acquired many rare breadboards, receivers, speakers, and even an incredible automotive display complete with working ignition system, circa 1910. These items will be on display to pay tribute to an incredible couple who were so much a part of the AWA family for so many years. We are extremely grateful and honored for this opportunity to keep Ralph and Elinor’s memory alive and to share items from their incredible museum at AWA.

Among the items in this donation is this rare & unique Model 4066 AK Breadboard mounted in a phonograph cabinet that lowers when the lid is closed.

The AWA relies on the generous donations of friends like Ralph and Elinor Williams in order to continue our work. Have you ever considered including the Antique Wireless Association in your estate plans? You would join a growing group of dedicated members who value the contribution that the AWA makes in preserving the history of electronic communications. For more information on supporting the AWA with a tax-deductible donation visit the AWA Donation webpage.