John Rollins Memorial DX Contest

John Rollins – W1FPZ became an SK in 2008 and to honor him and his many outstanding contributions to the AWA, the previous OT DX CW Contest was renamed the “John Rollins Memorial DX Contest”.

This is a CW contest designed to favor those using low power equipment designed and or constructed before 1960.  As with our other “ON AIR” events, you do not need to be an AWA member to participate. 

We ask that all stations send in a log even if you have just worked a few stations.  If possible, please send in a picture of the gear you used during this event.  Any comments about the event would also be welcomed.  Pictures and comments could be a candidate to be posted on the AWA website. 

Event Details

​Each year’s contest has a unique set of details and rules of participation.  They can be see by clicking on the button to the right.


After the event logs have been collected and the results tabulated, a set of event results are provided. The following button are links to the pages, which will contain the most recent results for this event.

The button to the right is linked to the John Rollins DX Contest results page.