Knowledge College

  “Knowledge College” is AWA’s online classroom where you can learn about:

  • The foundations of communication technology
  • Projects that others have built
  • How to build your own projects
  • Videos

As the Museum staff has time, they will be publishing a series of “Google Docs” with interesting information regarding the technologies behind the AWA Museum’s many artifacts.

1929 Transmitters:  History, Construction and Operation

“The TNT or Single Control Transmitter”

by Steve McDonald VE7SL 

“The Tuned Plate Tuned Grid (TPTG) Transmitter”

by Steve McDonald VE7SL

“The Hartley Transmitter”

by Steve McDonald VE7SL

“The Colpitts Transmitter”

by Steve McDonald VE7SL

“The MOPA Transmitter”

by Steve McDonald VE7SL

Build It, Fix It, Learn It Class Document:

Building an AM Transmitter Repurposing a Precision E-200 Signal Generator” by Richard Achter

Richard Achter provides a first hand review of his learning experience in building an AM transmitter.


Button to right takes viewer to a collection of previously published monographs on radio technology.