Knowledge College

  “Knowledge College” is AWA’s online classroom where you can learn about:

  • The foundations of communication technology
  • Projects that others have built
  • How to build your own projects
  • Videos

As the Museum staff has time, they will be publishing a series of “Google Docs” with interesting information regarding the technologies behind the AWA Museum’s many artifacts.

1929 Transmitters:  History, Construction and Operation

“The TNT or Single Control Transmitter” by Steve McDonald VE7SL 

Steve McDonald provided the reader with a tutorial into single control transmitters as well as providing examples of current examples of this technology.

Build It, Fix It, Learn It Classes:

“Building an AM Transmitter Repurposing a Precision E-200 Signal Generator” by Richard Achter

Richard Achter provides a first hand review of his learning experience in building an AM transmitter.