2020 Linc Cundall CW Contest Results

Report on the AWA 2020 Linc Cundall Memorial CW Contest

By Tim Walker, W1GIG 

(Edited by Joe-W3GMS)

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The Linc Cundall Memorial CW Contest took place on January 8 & 9th and January 11 &12th.  The bands were mixed according to our contestant’s reports.  We have received 31 logs per our latest count, up from 28 logs received last year.  About 85% of the calls were on 80M, (best guess) and only three OPs tried 160M, including Tom Moates, KN4RRQ a newcomer using his 160M Hartley.  He will be heard on more bands next year as he continues to build his station. There were quite a few reports of working new visitors to our group.  John N2BE got a card from a new ham in Canada that we may hear more of in the future.

Scores:  Congratulations to John, N2BE from Sandyston NJ.  John has a history of winning a lot of our AWA “On Air” events.  This year John earned 528 points!  Second place at 363 was Mike Horn, KB0HXL from MN.  The next was Steve Fetter – WA8UEG who earned 204 points.  Steve is a near neighbor of AWA member Bill Fizette – W2DGB.  This was Steve’s first year operating the event.  Keep your eyes on his scores as he continues to operate in these AWA events!  (Score details can be reviewed by clicking on the View/Print Log Summary button above.)

A word to the wise about scoring! I spotted and corrected the point scores on many logs where OPs didn’t understand that you multiply the contents of columns one and two to get the points per contact, not add them.  The next common error was to use the point score of the person that they were contacted by.  Unlike some of our other AWA “On Air” events, the point per contact is from the equipment of your own station.  It is variable, since many OPs use more than one transmitter (or receiver) during the contest.

73, and C U on the bands, (I hope) – Tim – W1GIG