Printed Circuit Board Items

This page allows a person seeking to buy AWA items the ability to pay for their purchase using a credit card. AWA will provide you with the total purchase price (in USD, including shipping) and that amount is entered and paid for using this page’s payment method. You may use your PayPal account or a credit card. However, please note that these charges will be processed by PayPal on behalf of AWA.

The number and types of boards offered is expanding. Below is a listing of each by name and number and a control button to review specific board details. At the bottom of this page is the form to make inquires for purchase of any board and a link to the payment page (Option #2 Below) when you have received the detail cost and shipping information from Option Form #1.

Available PCB Items

Bare Printed Circuit Board, Regulated Variable Power Supply, High Voltage – PCB Item #1

Click on button to the right to review the details for PCB Item #1

AM Broadcast Transmitter Printed Circuit Board – PCB Item #2

Click on button to the right to review the details for PCB Item #2

Ordering Options

Below are two options. They are either a contact form or payment option. If you already have contacted AWA regarding a board, you can go to Option #2 and make your payment. If not, utilize the Contact form (Option #1) to determine purchasing cost and them return to this page to make your payment.

Option #1 Contact Form – Make your request in the Comment field below. Click the submit button when form is complete. (Name and E-mail address are required fields.) Make sure you specify which PCB Item # you desire as well as a quantity.

Make sure you specify the PCB Item # and the number of the boards desired.

Option #2 Make a Payment – If you already know the cost for the board, utilized the choice below.

To make payment, click on the button to the right for payment screen.