2020 Rollins DX Contest Results

By Jerry W1ZB

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The AWA John Rollins Memorial DX Event is the fourth in a series of “On The Air” amateur radio events sponsored by the AWA that encourages participants to use vintage gear to communicate with other amateur radio stations. This year’s event was held during the second week of March 2020 and had a good level of activity with participants taking advantage of the new rule changes. 

This year’s event had 14 stations submitting logs and making 131 QSO’s. There were 95 contacts on 80M, 36 contacts on 40M and no contacts on 20M. There were 111 CW contacts and 20 AM contacts. There were a wide variety of equipment used, including Gonset, Heathkit, Drake, Collins, EF Johnson, Eico, RME and homebrew  gear. There were a few new stations that participated for the first time which is great news. In general, the event was a lot of fun and a great way for those who knew John Rollins to remember him.

Congratulations go again to John Bogath N2BE with the top score of 109. John used a Gonset GSB-100 transmitter and National NC-303 receiver on 80M to made 14 contacts and used a Hammarlund HX-50 transmitter and Hallicrafters SX-115 receiver on 40M to make 11 contacts. Second place goes to Jerry W1ZB with a score of 80 using a Heathkit DX-100 and Collins 75A4. Third place goes to Brian K9VKY with a score of 74 using a Collins 32V2/3 and a Collins 74A2/3.

Wed night was the best time for 80M CW contacts. Thursday daytime was good for 40M CW contacts. Saturday night was the best time for 80M CW/AM contacts. Sunday noon was good for 40M AM contacts. Unfortunately, there was no 20M activity during the event. Several stations did manage to work other stations on two bands and a few stations worked other stations on both modes.

The biggest improvements to the event was adding 80M and the 100W power limit. Even with QRN and some QRM, signals were able to punch through the noise and copy was easy. There were lots of 599 reports given to stations running 40-100 watts. On AM the 100W carrier level was quite effective.

Thanks to every one who participated in the AWA John Rollins event and look forward to next next year’s event.

73 Jerry W1ZB